Technology Transfer Process  

NeoTREX and Colorado State University have worked closely to develop a process to facilitate successful interactions between academia and industry. At the conclusion of the process, the goal is to have an invention that is being commercially exploited and generating revenue. This revenue is shared with inventors according to policy.

  1. Inventor submits a completed Invention Disclosure form obtained from the CSU Ventures website.

  2. The Technology Transfer team will conduct a brief market assessment, gathering company contact information for potential commercialization and perform a keyword prior art search.

  3. The Business Manager will disclose the invention to the appropriate funding institution if necessary.

  4. The Administrative Assistant will arrange a meeting at CSU Ventures between the inventor(s) and the Technology Transfer team. The Inventor(s) will make a 20-30 minute presentation consisting of:
    1. Description of the technology
    2. What problem the technology solves
    3. How the technology compares to competing products and services

  5. Using keywords and input from the inventor(s),
    1. Licensing Associate or Technology Sector Manager will complete an extensive Prior Art Search to determine existing technologies already patented or being offered for sale that minimize or void CSURF's ability to get patent protection on the disclosed invention.
    2. Marketing Manager performs a market analysis to determine product characteristics, potential licensees, competing technologies, market size, barriers to entry, and the advantages of the invention in relation to existing technology.

  6. The Marketing Group will then send the inventor all prior art search results and marketing information. Depending on inventors' input, a modified search may be performed to better isolate the key prior art. The Licensing Associate or Technology Sector Manager will evaluate the information, contact potential licensees, and discuss filing a provisional patent application with the inventor(s).

  7. A decision will be made to file a patent or return the invention to the inventor(s) or to the government agency that funded the research.

  8. Follow-up with corporations in pursuit of potential license

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