Experimental Therapeutics  
The Experimental Therapeutics Core at the Animal Cancer Center includes drug discovery, effectiveness of treatment, and pharmacology. Faculty members in this group include medical oncologists, cancer biologists and a pharmacologist.
The pharmacology service includes consultation on pharmakinetic study design, analytical assays for drugs in tissue and fluids, and PK modeling and mathematical analysis of data. Equipment includes:
  Experimental Therapeutics
  Equimpnet includes:  
  - HPLC analysis with fluorescence detection and LC coupled to tandem mass spectrometry
  - Two ABI3200 linear trap triple quadropole instrument
        • Agilent 1200 Series LC system with HTC-PAL autosampler
        • Shimadzu LC system with HTC-PAL autosampler
  - Rotary evaporator for sample prep
  - Solid phase extraction manifold
  Current production capacity is approximately 400 samples per day, 1,600 samples per week and 20,000 samples annually. Turn around is generally 1-4 weeks, but possible within 24 hours. Batches of over 40 samples with validated assays are analyzed within 4 weeks.  
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