Supercluster Activities  
  Global challenges transcend conventional academic organizational structure; moving technology and ideas from the university to the commercial world where they can make a real difference in people’s lives is a cornerstone of American innovation. That is why Colorado State University is pioneering a new model of public-private partnering. The Supercluster concept is a creative multi-disciplinary research structure focused on meeting real-world needs, enabling product development, and moving discoveries rapidly to market.  
The Superclusters established by Colorado State University have demonstrated international research prominence and potential to deliver global solutions. Emulating proven business practices, each Supercluster has a Chief Scientific Officer who focuses on creating product-driven strategies within the academic research community and a Chief Operating Officer that runs a business enterprise arm of the Supercluster to develop emerging products through partnering with private and public sector organizations. Within the business arm are specialists who are knowledgeable of both marketplace and university research particulars to enable optimal transfer of discoveries into patents, licenses, partnerships and startup companies.  
  Colorado State University’s Cancer Supercluster bridges departments and colleges to maximally leverage scholarly excellence and inspire the creativity needed to address the global challenges of Cancers. It is comprised of 12 clusters, each including faculty from multiple departments to facilitate development of an extraordinary research environment that promotes product and policy development with potential for global impact.  
  NeoTREX is the enterprise arm of the Cancer Supercluster and is a division of CSU Ventures, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation. It is charged with developing transformative research collaborations, and efficiently moving discoveries to market through creative licensing partnerships and formation of startup companies. Its overarching goal is to rapidly translate research discoveries into products that alleviate the human and economic burdens caused by Cancers.  
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