Imaging Equipment  
Computed Tomography: Picker 5000 CT
PET/CT slated to arrive 2009
MRI: GE 1.5 Tesla 9.0 LX MRI scanner with multinuclear spectroscopy, Advantage Windows workstation
    - GE Maxi II gamma camera with multiformatter for large animal use
    - GE Millenium SPECT system for small animal planar, whole body and SPECT imaging
    - Varian Trilogy Radiation Therapy machine with radiosurgery capability
    - DEXA
    - Xenogen
    - Luciferase camera
    - ACC Vet Center - Picker 5000 CT
  ACC Vet Center - Picker 5000 CT
  Through the use of this equipment, we have an active research program that includes tumor physiology, biomarkers, clinical predictors and treatment options. In addition, the diagnostic imaging expertise is utilized in a clinical setting for client owned pets with cancer and other medical problems.  
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