Grant funding through the Cancer Research Supercluster  
How much is awarded annually?
  The Cancer Research Supercluster awards approximately $300,000 in grant funding annually.
When is the next RFP?
  The next request for proposals will be released in the early fall of 2010 with awards to be made in late fall 2011. The next RFP will be posted on this site.
Who can apply?
  Submission of proposals is open to any CSU employee and their collaborators. A CSU employee must be a PI.
What applications are likely to get funded?
  The primary intent of the grant funding is to promote translational research and expand CaSC capabilities at CSU. Innovative multidisciplinary proposals with application to animal and human health are encouraged (e.g. basic and clinical research), since it is recognized that collaborations among CSU investigators and between CSU investigators and collaborators outside CSU may be a critical factor for success. Priority will be given to CaSC research proposals that bridge departments and colleges and foster collaborations with investigators and partners outside CSU. (Note: proposals that were not collaborative in nature were not funded.)
  An anticipated outcome of this RFP is the funding of ideas with product development potential. This is defined as projects that will create intellectual property, validate clinical utility, or establish research or training programs that will increase the yield of CaSC product development opportunities. Commercial value will not be a primary consideration, but the actualization potential to impact global health concerns will be.
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