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KromaTiD Inc., a small biotech company in Fort Collins Colorado, is creating products for chromosome analysis with applications in biomedical research and medical testing. The five founding members who combined represent over 150 years of cytogenetic experience are: Dr's. Edwin H. Goodwin (CEO, retired Los Alamos National Laboratory), Joel S. Bedford (Executive VP, CSU), Michael N. Cornforth (VP of Research, UTMB, Galveston), F. Andrew Ray (Treasurer, CSU) and Susan M. Bailey (Executive Secretary, CSU).

Their immediate goal is to develop an effective tool for the improved detection of chromosomal inversions that we call “chromosome-specific chromatid painting”. Chromosomal inversions have been found in cancer, birth defects and infertility, but because small inversions are especially difficult or even impossible to detect using existing assays, the full extent to which these genetic alterations affect human health is currently unknown. Chromatid paints will greatly improve the resolution and ease of detection of inversions, even quite small ones. They are currently in the process of perfecting techniques for designing, labeling and hybridizing probes to unique sequences (project recently funded by the Cancer Supercluster). They anticipate finding markets for their products in cancer research and genetic counseling.

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