Flow Cytometry and Clinical Immunology Laboratory  
Director: Anne Avery, VMD, PhD
The flow cytometry and clinical immunology lab offers the highest capacity flow cytometry service for companion animals in the world.
  - Immunophenotyping; assement of lymphocyte subpopulations during chemotherapy; screening lymphoma and leukemia cases for surface markers; DNA from ~5,000 immunophenotyped canine lymphomas and leukemias.
  - MoFlo cell sorter (DakoCytomation/Beckman Coulter) - 3 lasers, 9 colors, 4-way sort capability
  - Cyan flow cytometer (DakoCytomatin/Beckman Coulter) - 3 lasers, 9 colors  
  - Epics XL flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter) - 1 laser, 4 colors  
  - 2-3 sorts per day  
  - Up to 10 clinical flow cytometry samples/day  
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