Clinical Trials  
The Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University has a fully developed clinical trials program that includes a dedicated trials staff of medical and surgical oncologists, a coordinator (DVM), intern, nurses and residents. Typically, there are 10-20 ongoing clinical trials including novel drug agents or combinations of novel agents with traditional therapy protocols. These studies help doctors in the medical and veterinary fields investigate methods to improve detection and treatment of cancer, as well as improve the quality of care each patient receives.
The Animal Cancer Center has assembled a special team to help foster industry relations and build partnerships in an effort to establish new clinical trials. They also coordinate with the industry sponsor of each trial from its inception through the data collection and analysis. The research subjects at the Animal Cancer Center are client-owned
  ACC Center

pets with spontaneously occurring cancer. There is a large clinical caseload – about 2,500 new cases of spontaneously occurring cancer in pet animals annually. Learn why cancer experts widely agree that dogs are good research models for both veterinary and human applications. Patients that enroll in clinical trials typically live within 100 miles of Fort Collins so they can receive treatments and get frequent follow-up. Owner compliance in our trials is excellent for diagnostics, treatment, follow-up and necropsy.

  The Clinical Trials team has developed an efficient process to establish and execute trials.  
The process:
  Formalized protocol review
  1 month of animal care and use committee review
  Patient recruitment resources
  Standardized informed consent
  Team coordinated visits, diagnostics, procedures, follow-up for the life of the pet and necropsy
Our clinical trials resources include:
  Large caseload of about 2,500 spontaneously occurring cancers annually
  Enrolled patients - typically living within 100 miles of Fort Collins - for frequent treatments and
follow-up, including:
      - Diagnostics (clinical pathology, radiology including specialized imaging)
      - Treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy with Varien Trilogy LINAC)
      - Critical care and standard care capabilities
      - Anatomic pathology for necropsy
  Excellent client compliance for treatment, follow-up and necropsy
View the current trials at the Animal Cancer Center.
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