Cancer Research Supercluster  
  Global challenges transcend conventional academic organizational structure, thus the method of bringing university discoveries and expertise to face global challenges must follow suit. That is where Colorado State University’s new model of public-private partnering is leading the way. Offering answers to far-reaching questions, the Supercluster concept unites experts of various disciplines in bringing the University’s considerable capabilities to rapidly dispatch real-world solutions.  

The Superclusters emulate proven business practices to harnesses the creative energies of Colorado State University’s academic research community. Each Supercluster has a Chief Scientific Officer who focuses on developing product-driven strategies with the academic research community. The Chief Operating Officer runs a business enterprise arm that advances emerging products by partnering with private and public sector organizations. Patents, licenses, partnerships and startup companies are the focus of the business arm as specialists of both marketplace and university research work to translate discoveries into products.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pet animals and is a leading cause of death in people. Addressing this global challenge, Colorado State University’s Cancer Supercluster brings together scientists and scholars at the forefront of research from multiple departments and colleges. In addition, unique university infrastructure and capabilities, such as a fully developed clinical trials and tissue archiving programs, are optimally leveraged. Scholarly excellence in this extraordinary research environment fosters creativity in promoting product and

policy development with potential for global impact.
  Main Features of the Cancer Supercluster:  
  70 faculty from 12 departments
  $40 million in annual research funding
      - Internationally Recognized Research
      - Cancer Biology
      - Musculoskeletal Oncology
      - Experimental Therapeutics
      - Pharmacology
      - Tissue Archive of Canine and Feline Tumors
      - Cancer Immunology
      - Full Imaging and Radiation Therapy Capabilities
      - Molecular Genetics
Specific Resources or Facilities  
  Animal Cancer Center Research Resources  
      - Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Core  
      - Proteomics and Metabolomics Core  
      - Genomics Core  
      - Flow Cytometry and Clinical Immunology Service  
      - Bioinformatics  
      - Full suite of imaging equipment secluding: MRI CT, radiography, PET/CT pending in   2008  
      - Large caseload of clinical patients (canine and feline) with spontaneously occurring   tumors are our research model.  
      - Fully developed clinical oncology program with services in surgical, medican and   radiation oncology  
      - Varien Trilogy Linear Accelerator  
  Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory  
  Molecular Genetics Laboratory  
  Musculoskeletal Biology and Oncology Research Group and Laboratory  
  Tissue Archive of Canine and Feline Tumors  
  Core Member of the Clinical Oncology Trials Consortium  
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