Cancer in Companion Animals  
ACC Vet Center  
Cancer is the leading cause of death in geriatric cats and dogs and accounts for nearly 50 percent of deaths each year. However, many cancers that affect animals are treatable. A trained and dedicated veterinary team is essential in caring for companion animals with cancer and their owners. When a well-informed client sees a family member, whether human or non-human, stricken with cancer, she or he will often embrace every possible treatment. This is true for clients who seek options at the Animal Cancer Center (ACC) at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University.
At the ACC, owners and their pets experience the best cancer diagnostics, treatment and support available. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The dedicated team of medical and surgical oncologists, nurses, and students provide personalized care to each patient. We have a full suite of diagnostics from complete laboratory tests to our imaging capabilities that includes radiography, CT (PET/CT is coming in 2009), MRI and nuclear scanning. The new Varian Trilogy TM Linear Accelerator, installed and operational, provides the most advanced radiation treatment, including radiosurgery, available. In fact, this is the first unit of its type in northern Colorado (that includes human hospitals) and the only one in the world at a veterinary institution.
Research is a critical component of the Animal Cancer Center and the focus is on spontaneously occurring cancers in companion animals. Researchers study cutting-edge advances in diagnostics and treatments for cancer, that include experimental therapeutics, pharmacology, musculoskeletal biology and cancer biology. The clinical trials program is well established and we are always recruiting patients to participate in studies.
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